The Virtuous Cycle of Diversity in Tech

We’re praised for being decisive, ingenious and disruptive. And yet many of us are stuck in a rut that is centuries out of date.

“The numbers are particularly stark among technical workers – the coders, engineers, and data scientists who make these companies hum. At Google and Microsoft, the share of US technical employees who are Black or Latinx rose by less than a percentage point since 2014. The share of Black technical workers at Apple is unchanged at 6 percent, less than half Blacks’ 13 percent share of the US population.

The companies report more progress for women. At Facebook, the technical workforce is 23 percent female, up from 15 percent in 2014; Google reports similar gains. But no company is close to parity, despite having repeatedly pledged millions to address the problem.”

This is a complex problem, so I want to focus on what we can do today, as small business owners, to help the tech workplace better reflect the population at large. The first step is expanding our pipelines to include a broader range of candidates, which means changing our “default” behavior.